The LifeChips Center at UC Irvine is dedicated to promoting the union of technology arts and lifesceience through research and education at the micro and nano scales. The microscopic world provides a natural common ground for research in traditionally distance disciplines of engineering, physical sciences, life sciences and developments in both fields, brining new innovation to solve problems of industry and the human condition. The life science and microelectronics industries are currently evolving towards greater overlap, and we will soon see the mergence of a new LifeChips market formed at the intersection of these two giant, but distinct industry sectors.

LifeChips refers both to our program at UC Irvine, as well as a type of research and teaching paradigm--one that embraces the overlap between life sciences and technology that naturally occurs at microscopic scales. Multidisciplinary researchers from traditionally different fields can find common ground and new territory under the theme of "LifeChips." Furthermore, LifeChips practitioners are fining more and more opportunities for new discoveries, research funding and industry activities.

Our vision is the robust integration of the life sciences with technological arts at microscopic and smaller scales. This integration between the two fields should become an essential part of the way we approach education, research and industry. We believe the integrated paradigm will lead to dramatic advancements in the life science and in engineering.