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As a gambler, you would have tried hands-on, on several different casino games. If you are a newbie and believe that the casino is just a game of luck, then it is not completely true. While some games of the casino are based on your luck or chance, others need a good amount of knowledge, strategic planning, and mathematical calculations as well. Here we present to you skill games vs games based on luck such as the mega888 slot game.

Skill vs chance in gambling:

While some professionals would call gambling a skill game others consider it as a game of chance. Blackjack for example is a complete skill game. On the other hand slot games such as mega888 slot games are games based on luck.

The main difference between these two types of games is that there is a wrong as well as the right method of playing games that require skills as it is based on rules. You can learn about these games by visiting numerous websites or reading about them in books related to gambling and then you can gain expertise in the games as you play along in online as well as offline casinos.


On the other hand, the game of chance is completely random. In that game, it is mostly your luck or some people can get an edge in the games by doing some sort of cheating.

You can increase the level of your winnings in skill games by making your strategy and improving your game with experience. Or else they would also become a game of chance for you.

The best thing here is that few games can be beaten truly to make a huge profit. One such game is Blackjack and there are some other variations of video poker too.

Other games such as pai gow, baccarat, or craps have optimal plays or strategies or bets that are optimal and which you can make to get the edge down of the house. If you add in the bonuses then you can surely make a bit of profit. But you should not be counting on it for sure.

So make sure that you choose the type of game that you would like to do. This is because wasting your time on learning skill games which you would not be playing for a long time is not worth it. If you are in gambling just for fun or to try out your luck you should try playing mega888 slot games.