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Basically, Google website verification is all about proving that you actually have an online store or any website with a complete authenticity. Google wants webmasters to finish the Google explore console authentication process before they will manage such websites. Thankfully, the following are very simple and manual methods especially for the Google website verification. For more details, you can visit

Methods to do website verification:

The following are the highly suggested manual website verification process with Google. They include,

  • HTML verification file

With this method, the users just have to upload a particular HTML file in order to root directory of your site. For this, you should download verification file, upload file via SFTP, click verify button actually at Google Search console.

  • HTML tag

With this method of using HTML tag, you should have to add the simple Meta Tag to the head section of your website. Whenever you are using wordpress, you can do the following two things such as,

  • Add the HTML tag directly to the theme header.php of the child file.
  • Using the related plugin for injecting it into the existing header.
  • DNS TXT Record

Whenever you are considering this method, you have to add TXT record at your DNS provider that than adding any code to your website. It is really the most suitable and the best method from the completely pure performance perspective.

Other two methods to verify your website:

  • Google Analytics

If you have already installed the Google Analytics tracking code at your website, you can easily do this website verification process following these steps including,

  • Go to the tab alternate methods.
  • Choose the Google Analytics radio key.
  • Click on verify option.
  • Google Tag Manager

Just similar to the Google Analytics, you can also verify your website using a single click whenever you are already using the Google Tag Manager. This is because it has snippet active on your website. For this verification, you can follow these 3 steps such as,

  • Go to the tab alternate methods.
  • Choose the radio button which is Google Tag Manager.
  • Click verify button.

Through these steps and verification processes, you can not only verify the authenticity of the website but you can also find the speed and optimization of your website. There are also several Google verification applications available now to conveniently and directly verify any website. Visit to get some more information.