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The term ‘Online Gambling’ denotes bet money through an online platform. The people intend to earn money easily without hard work; they opt for Gambling to promptly gain money.

In this internet age, online Gambling is now part and parcel of our social life in different forms such as horse race, poker, casinos, sports betting, bingo, lotteries, and net games despite high risk. In online Gambling, betting rackets design the gambling mechanism so that losers always outnumber the gamblers. Many persons do not avoid their attraction and get addicted. From a sociological point of view, online Gambling creates social disorder in occidental and third world countries. In these countries, online Gambling is not legalized while legalized in developed countries. There are various websites like, where you can easily bet on online casinos.

Social problems

Online Gambling is a net game of chance factor to gratify the profit. Some people involve engaging themselves in entertainment and recreational activities. Sometimes Gambling gives birth to irrational and illogical behavior, which leads even to suicide in disappointment. Before the arrival of online Gambling, people were sunk in horse racing, daily lottery, and ted card games.

Nowadays, online Gambling has appeared as a phenomenon in popular sports and games and other mobile games. The demographically larger population are involved in online Gambling with the increasing frequency of betting.


  • In present days online Gambling cannot be prevented. But Gambling can be regulated through licensing.
  • Specific steps are to be undertaken to keep aside created social problems.
  • A necessary step is to be taken to stop cybercrime, which is the by-product of Online Gambling.
  • The provision of responsible Gambling may be introduced technically by internet authority by creating a strong environment.
  • The government also should evolve a policy of effective, responsible Gambling to reduce social problems and disorders.

Sometimes online Gambling like gives birth to cybercrime in innovative forms. In India, unlicensed Gambling in cricket is like an epidemic and prohibited as per existing law; there is a punishment provision.