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These slot machines can be played or activated with coins or tokens. Inside each machine there are currency detectors that tell the machine if the player has inserted a valid, fake or invalid token. More than half of casino income comes from slot machines. Table games and other slot machine games only get 20% to 30%.

Charles Fey is the inventor of the slot machine. This is a man from San Francisco, California. He designed the car like this:

  • Three rotating drums.
  • The reels contain five symbols: horseshoes, diamonds, spades, hearts, and the liberty bell, which later became the name of the machine.

The popularity of the first slot machine, Liberty Bell, spread like wildfire. And due to the high demands, Fei couldn’t handle building all of them alone. This situation has become an advantage for many commercial manufacturers. They copied the original car designed and structured by Charles Fey and added some features like graphics and sounds.

The sole purpose of playing slots is to win money and nothing else. Pleasure is only part of the whole. Players who give away money in exchange for coins, tokens, or tickets have acquired the rights to play on any particular casino slot machine. They have the right to choose which slots to play on. It is also true that players choose when to play and when not to. The casino does not have the right to dictate to the players what they can or cannot do. The jurisdiction of the casino is limited to providing rules, regulations, policies, conditions and disclaimers. They cannot decide who will win and who will lose because gambling is gambling.

From the simple slot machine created by Charles Fey, a new version of slot machines has hit the market and most casino slot machines are now more complex than ever. Also, terms were invented for players and casinos to understand each other. These casino jargons are different from the common language or words that people use most often. Previously, slot machines did not use jargon or rules as they were very simple and self explanatory about their operations. But today, with the help of technology, people have managed to learn more words and master more methods of working with slots.

Some of the terms in the เว็บสล็อต are “bonus”, “candle”, “carousel” and “coin changer”, just to name a few. The bonus is similar to the distribution to the player, but there is a catch somewhere. The candle is the signal lamp at the top of the slot machine. When the “candle” is lit, it means that it must change. Carousel is a term for the formation of slot machines in a circle or in any other order. Finally, Coin Hopper is a container that contains coins for payment.

These ideas and terms are helpful. They can serve as a guide when playing for the first time. They can be reminders if you are an experienced gamer reading this.