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The Pokdeng is similar to the other card game, but it has a unique and interesting features. Its design would be classic, once when you logged inside the online world sure your eyes cannot just imagine, sometimes even you would get confused is this reel or the real world. When compared to the land-based casino inside the ป๊อกเด้งออนไลน์ you are free to collect numerous offers and rewards that would increases up your curiosity level to the peak.

  • To welcome the beginners immediately when you create an account your account would be credited up with a welcoming bonus.
  • When you deposit for that also you would get some special bonus.
  • If you invite your friend and when they accepted your invitation that you send, it will gift you bonus points.
  • When you play smarter and won the game continuously through that you can collect numerous credit scores.

All these bonus points and credit scores could be changed into real money. It acts as the best place for you to have a lot of fun along with your friends. 

Playing Pokdeng card game

How to start playing?

The table will have the 6 people and when they hold the value 8 or 9 the chances of winning the game is high. Here, each player is dealt with 2 cards and drawn 1 more card the higher value win. In addition to predicting out the luck, the Pok Deng requires the players to calculate and understand how to play and maximize the power of cards there will be players and dealers.

  • Dealers, this person’s hand would be compared to other players at the table.
  • Player’s hands are compared with the dealer’s hands.

Players can bid from 1 to 10 hands for the specific dealer’s positions. In this event there no players at that table want to be the dealer, the system conducts the random selections. If in case there are 2 or more people then you want to deal, here the selection of the performer would be conducted randomly between bidders.

After selecting the dealers, next the player will proceed to the wager that is the fixed amount of the game. The betting amount depends based on the dealer’s buy-in. Once the bet confirmed the dealer will proceed to divide the two cards of each player. After comparing the points the person who has the high score wins. 

Do you need to pay anything for downloading Pok Deng?

No, for downloading and registering your account you no need to pay. Once when you are ready to start betting and take part in the ป๊อกเด้ง online game there is a need for you to do a deposit, only then using that amount you can play.