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Winning poker tournaments is like doing business. You have to be a manager to make sure that results are achieved in line with your goals. Consequently, management functions are needed to win poker tournaments; planning, organization, leadership, control.

Planning for winning poker tournaments involves identifying your goals, resources, commitments, and actions. Goals change over time. At first, the goal may be to adjust to the intricacies of the game. Check out the strategies and skills acquired in the learning process; of course, the goal of winning is always present. Resources include attracting sponsors to support financial claims when participating in poker tournaments.

Organization involves prioritizing personal and professional activities.

To win poker tournaments, the ability of players to manage all their actions is essential. Players must balance activities that help them develop their poker skills and activities that contribute to their well-being. Leadership, of course, is your ability to attract competitors to your game. The player uses appropriate skills and strategies to defeat other players. It is essential to winning the game to change the game’s pace and change the opponents’ focus near you. The leading players are you, and the opponents are the minor characters of your show.

Control is the player’s ability to ensure his or her success in every poker tournament. Engage other management functions to make sure everything is in~ place. This includes knowing goals, setting standards, measuring your performance, comparing actual performance, evaluating, and creating solutions. To win tournaments, you always need to review games, identify strengths and weaknesses, evaluate and initiate strategies as decisions that will become part of your plan for success in Capsa Susun tournaments.

Winning tournaments is not as easy as registering and playing a tournament. This is a process that a poker player must be able to understand. There are hard preparations that involve more than learning strategies and skills as weapons in every tournament. This is something that the poker literature doesn’t offer. Thousands of poker books cover only the basics, strategies, skills, and rules of the game.

The player is like a conductor. The player must agree on everything that leads to winning in tournaments. The result of using all the control functions is your game plan. Without a game plan, a player recklessly enters a poker tournament. The game plan turns the game into an art form where the player can truly call each game his own. As in business, it is not enough for the player to have the resources and human resources. You must coordinate your actions to get results. A player without a game plan can never be a better player.


Every player’s goal is to become the best on the field, which is reflected in winning the poker tournament. Obtaining them requires your ability to manage time, resources, skills, and strategies to achieve your goals.